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§ 1

  1. These regulations (hereinafter: “Regulations”) set out:
    1. The rules for using the monikapolkowska.pl website (hereinafter: „Website”),
    2. The rules for using the contact form at https://www.monikapolkowska.pl (hereinafter: the “Contact Form”),
    3. Issues with regard to consenting to Monika Polkowska – Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law’s processing the personal data sent in the Contact Form.
  2. The Website is intended to present basic information about the Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Monika Polkowska and to facilitate the contact with the Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Monika Polkowska using the Contact Form available at the Website in order for natural persons, legal persons and organisational units not having legal personality to obtain professional legal assistance (hereinafter: the “Clients” or the “Client”).
  3. Any and all issues relating to legal services provided to the Client by the Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Monika Polkowska will be set out in a separate agreement with such a Client.




  1. The Owner and the Administrator of the Website is Attorney-at-Law Monika Polkowska – a sole trader operating as “Monika Polkowska – Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego” (“Monika Polkowska – Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law”), with address al. Solidarności 117 lok. 411 00-0140 Warszawa, registered in the Register of Business Activity CEiDG, tax identification number NIP 8241222137, statistical identification number REGON: 141679672 (hereinafter: the “Law Firm”).
  2. The information contained on the Website does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Polish Civil Code.
  3. The information contained on the Website does not constitute legal advice. The Law Firm is not liable for any actions or omissions based on any information contained on the Website.
  4. The Law Firm makes efforts to have the information contained on the Website complete, accurate and updated, the Law Firm, however, makes no warranties and incurs no liability if the information is inaccurate, incomplete or not updated.
  5. The Website is optimised for desktop and mobile devices using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer browsers.
  6. The Law Firm has the right to breaks in the Website functioning due to maintenance windows required for regular server and software maintenance.
  7. The Law Firm is not liable for the proper display of the Website, as well as for breaks in access to the Website and in contact via the Contact Form which result from actions of the Website hosting provider, users, Clients, or if the fault lies with the telecommunication connections, or for other reasons not attributable to the Law Firm.
  8. The Website has a cookies mechanism installed, whereby while Clients and other Internet users use the Website cookies are saved by the Website server on the hard disk of such a Client’s or Internet user’s device. The purpose of using cookies is the proper functioning of the Website on the Clients’ and Internet users’ end devices. That mechanism causes no damage to the end user’s devices and causes no changes to the end user’s device configurations or software installed on such devices. Every Client or Internet user may disable cookies on their end user’s device browser. The Website owner points out that disabling cookies may render the use of the Website difficult or impossible. Cookies do not gather, process or collect any personal data of the Client or the Internet user in any manner whatsoever.



§ 3

  1. The purpose of the Contact Form is only to contact the Law Firm and make an appointment with the Attorney-at Law in order to obtain legal assistance.
  2. Before sending an enquiry via the Contact Form, the Client is obliged to familiarise themselves with and accept these Regulations.
  3. In order to arrange a meeting with the Attorney-at Law and obtain legal assistance, the Client should send a brief description of the facts and the scope of the legal issue and a proposed date and time of the meeting with the Attorney-at Law at the Law Firm, or alternatively just name the area of law to which the Client’s legal problem pertains and ask the Law Firm to contact the Client.
  4. Only a text message may be sent via the Form, it is not possible to add attachments.
  5. A response to the message sent via the Contact Form will be sent to the Client from the Law Firm’s e-mail address (e-mail: kancelaria@monikapolkowska.pl), no later than within 72 hours (3 days) from the date following the date when the Law Firm received the message, to the e-mail address named by the Client in the message sent to the Law Firm via the Contact Form (hereinafter: the “Response”).
  6. The Law Firm shall not be liable for a failure in delivery of the Response to the Client in case of an error in the e-mail address provided.
  7. If there is no Response from the Law Firm after the lapse of 3 days from the date following the date when the message was sent via the Contact Form, this means that the Law Firm is not interested in the given issue.
  8. If any messages sent to the Law Firm have content that is generally regarded as vulgar or offensive and/or may be or is of a nature of punishable threats in respect of any natural or legal persons, at the Law Firm’s discretion, such messages will be left without a Response, or a Response will be sent refusing legal assistance.
  9. Messages sent to the Law Firm via the Form are confidential. In case, however, that the contents referred to in paragraph 8 are addressed to any of the Law Firm’s employees, contractors or owners, the Law Firm reserves the possibility of reporting an offence and forwarding such messages to criminal authorities.
  10. In the Response sent to the Client, the Law Firm will confirm the appointment date and time and may also ask additional questions regarding the legal issue and name documents which the Client should provide for the arranged meeting with the Attorney-at Law. The Law Firm (at the Client’s request) may also inform about the estimated cost of the legal assistance; such cost, however, may be subject to changes after the issue is examined in more detail and the full scope of the necessary related legal assistance is determined, especially the analysis of the documents and the meeting with the Client.
  11. No legal advice or legal assistance is given directly after the receipt of an enquiry via the Contact Form. Legal advice is given to the Clients by the Law Firm once the timeframe and costs of the services instructed to the Law Firm have been agreed on and approved, especially after a meeting with the Client has been held and the actual scope of the legal assistance necessary in the given case has been determined, after a respective service agreement has been entered into and after the fees determined under such an agreement has been credited to the Law Firm’s bank account (mBank S.A., account No.: 44 1140 2004 0000 3002 5830 3781), unless the parties agree otherwise during the meeting.
  12. The Client’s sending the contents as referred to in §3.3 via the Contact Form constitutes the Client’s filing an offer to enter into the Service Agreement with the Law Firm and consent to a Response to be sent back by e-mail.
  13. In a situation where the Law Firm is not able, for whatever reason, to perform the service of legal assistance in accordance with the enquiry and, if applicable, after having obtained further information and/or documents relating to the Client’s legal issue, the Law Firm will notify the Client immediately.
  14. The Law Firm and persons acting on behalf of the Law Firm may communicate electronically with the Client, the Client’s staff, advisors and other persons acting for and on behalf of the Client, after having received contact details of such persons from the Client. The Client shall be liable for risks arising from the use of such communication (including inter alia delays, threat of interception of and unauthorised access to such correspondence, as well as risk of viruses), unless the damage arises from gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the Law Firm or persons acting on behalf of the Law Firm.
  15. The Law Firm and the Client shall be responsible on their own for maintaining and protecting their own security and electronic communication systems.
  16. The Client shall not be entitled to any claims against the Law Firm in the events referred to in §§ 3.13, 3.14, and 3.15 above.



§ 4

  1. In order to get in contact with the Law Firm via the Contact Form, the Client should furnish their personal data, including but not limited to their name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number). Furnishing the said data to the Law Firm is voluntary, but without furnishing the same it is not possible to contact the Law Firm via the Contact Form.
  2. The controller of the Clients’ personal data furnished via the Contact Form in accordance with the terms set out in § 4.1 for the purposes set out in § 3.1 above is the Law Firm.
  3. By accepting these Regulations, the Client consents to the processing of their personal data by the Law Firm for the purpose of further contact and, if applicable, further performance of legal services. If the Client refuses to give such consent, the Client shall not accept the Regulations and may contact the Law Firm directly via e-mail at: kancelaria@monikapolkowska.pl or by telephone at (+48) 609543323.
  4. The personal data obtained by the Law Firm will be protected against unauthorised access and will be stored with the observance of the highest standards of Client privacy applicable to law firms.
  5. After having completed the service for the given Client, the Law Firm will no longer process the Client’s personal data, except for providing further legal services for that Client.
  6. The Client has the right of access, right to rectification, and right to request ceasing the use of such data or erasure of the same.
  7. The liability for furnishing untrue personal data lies with the Client. The Law Firm shall not be liable for sending correspondence to the Client in respect of an enquiry received or contacting any third parties in respect of an enquiry received, as a result of the Client’s having furnished untrue, erroneous contact details.



§ 5

  1. The Client may send any complaints relating to the contents and the quality of functioning of the Website, including the functioning of the Contact Form, by e-mail  to: kancelaria@monikapolkowska.pl or in writing addressed to: Monika Polkowska – Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego, al. Solidarności 117 lok. 411, 00-140 Warszawa.
  2. The Law Firm will reply to such complaints in writing within 14 days from the date of the demand containing the complaint.



§ 6

  1. The Regulations in this wording are effective as from 14 February 2018.
  2. The Law Firm shall have the right to make amendments to the Regulations any time. In case amendments to the Regulations are made once an enquiry has been sent to the Law Firm, the version of the Regulations effective as at the date of sending the enquiry via the Contact From shall apply to such a Client.
  3. Any disputes arising in relation to the performance of the Services shall be settled amicably, and in case no amicable solution can be reached, they shall be settled in accordance with Polish law by a court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Law Firm, unless the Client is a Consumer – in such an event, the court competent to settle the disputes shall be the court having jurisdiction over the place of residence of the Consumer.

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