Principles of cooperation

Remuneration for legal assistance served by the Law Firm is each time agreed in a separate agreement with a Client with consideration of clear and transparent principles. The amount of the remuneration as well as the form of its payment depend on the character of the instructed case, level of the case complication and the foreseen scope of work required.

The remuneration can be agreed after the Law Firm gets to know the details of the case, reviews the documents provided by the Client – as far as one-time task is concerned, or else after the Law Firm is able to identify the Client’s needs within legal assistance in a longer period of future cooperation. Therefore, depending on the Client’s needs, the Law Firm offers the following ways of settlement:


the remuneration for the entrusted tasks can be individually agreed with the Client in two options:

Individual fixed fee

The remuneration is agreed with the Client due to entrusting an individual case/task, in particular:  preparation of a legal opinion, legal advice, legal assistance at a court case, debt collection,  participation at negotiations, etc.

The agreed fixed fee is constant and is not being increased no matter the scope of work or time required to its finalisation.

Long-term complex legal services

The remuneration agreed with the Client is constant for the agreed period of time in the fixed amount and comprises the agreed amount of hours in each month to be dedicated by the Legal Office for the taks instructed by the Client, or else a fixed amount of tasks can be instructed by the Client to the Law Firm each month, usually of a given kind (e.g. revision of contracts) for a fixed monthly fee. Such settlement system enables the Client to take full control over the legal monthly services costs and their optimization. The Law Firm hourly fee in such system is lower than an hourly fee in the hourly fee settlement system.



The Remuneration comprises the product of multiplication of the hours of work of the Law Firm dedicated to preform the tasks instructed by the Client and the hourly fee, agreed with the Client  not later than at the time of instructing the tasks. On request of the Client, the Law Firm presents the final detailed schedule of actions and time dedicated to finalise the task instructed by the Client or else a monthly schedule of such actions and time connected with entrusted cases.


The remuneration of the Law Firm is agreed on the basis of a lower amount of the fixed fee paid to the law Office as an advance payment plus additional final remuneration to be paid after finalisation of the task depending on the result of the task (success fee)  in the amount agreed with the Law Firm.

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